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evaCHILL humidifies, cleans and cools the air up to 12 ° C

Cools the air up to 12 ° C

Natural evaporative cooling effectively lowers the temperature


Creates better indoor climate by adding moisture to the air. Ideal in dry warm spaces in winter, too


Purifies the air of dust particles for better indoor climate and comfort, incl. reduction of cold viruses


Works everywhere via USB connection, eg. also in camping tent.

Environmentally and climate friendly

Does not use any toxic friend-like liquids, only cold tap water. Just 7W of power consumption and biodegradable filters.

Elegant design

Elegant, compact and smart, evaCHILL adorns the room and glows in clear blue light (the light can also be turned off).

Patented EvaBreeze ™ filter prevents bacteria and fungus growth


Evaporation cooling is a natural form of air-conditioning, and Evapolar’s devices contain zero dangerous or environmentally harmful liquids such as air-conditioning. freon. Evapolar’s products are therefore completely safe for the children’s room.

Bio-resistant (inorganic) stable material

Unlike cellulose (cardboard) and other “natural” materials, EvaBreeze ™ filters are based on natural inorganic nano-fibers, which consist of glass fibers and basalt. That prevents the growth of bacteria and fungi. See evapolar patent here (new window).

Eco-friendly and biodegradable

EvaBreeze ™ filters are made from naturally occurring minerals that do not harm the environment and the filters are thus 100% biodegradable.

Evapolar versus andere producten?

Bekijk de vergelijking hier

Technical specifications


Cooling Power: up to 1200 BTU / hour
Coverage: Up to 2 m²
Noise level: 28-40 dB

Connection & consumption

Power consumption: 7W
Micro-USB plug 5V 2A
Can be connected to PC, power outlet and power bank


Size: 172 × 170 × 170 mm
Dry Weight: 0.75 kg
Size, water tank: 800 ml


Filling of water tank: Every 4-6 hours
Cartridge life: 3-6 months, depending no. of hrs in operation
and air quality

Room Temperature
Humidity 25° C 30° C 35° C
40° C
30% 15.4° C 19.0° C 22.6° C 26.3° C
40% 16.9° C 21.9° C 24.8° C 28.8° C
50% 18.1° C 22.0° C 26.2° C 30.4° C