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Meet evaSMART

The first smart personal air cooler


Operate with evapolar’s App or Google Home, Apple Home, Amazon Alexa (or simply use the device controls).


Natural evaporative cooling lowers the temperature by up to 12 C


Ads moisture to the air and thus creates a better indoor climate, even in winter where heating creates a dry indoor climate in modern homes and offices


Purifies the air of dust particles for better indoor climate and comfort. This also reduces the amount of cold viruses in a room


Works with USB or normal power outlet. Connect evaSMART to your PC, a powerbank or to a wall socket


Use only cold tap water and 12 W in power consumption


Adjust and dim the built-in LED light to match the mood or interior, or turn it off


Built-in microchip monitors the EvaBreeze ™ cartridge, so the evaSMART EV-3000 changes to red when it needs to be changed

Operation via device controls

SMART Operation

Operate evaSMART via App or Smart Home systems (optional)

Evapolar App

evapolar Ltd.

Evapolar’s app gives you control over evaSMART EV-3000 with your mobile. You can control all your evaPOLAR devices from one place, making everyday life a little easier.


evaSMART EV-3000 is fully compatible with most Smart Home systems, such as Google Home and Amazon Alexa, so you can manage and voice control your evapolar devices in one Smart Home ecosystem.

evaSMART enables you to create your own comfortable microclimate through cooling and humidifying the air. Evapolar is the natural and environmentally friendly choice for your home and workplace. You can also create and control the colors of the water tank to suit the mood and interior.

The evapolar app allows you to control all your evapolar devices from the same tablet or smartphone. Just download the free app and follow the instructions. Then you’re all set.


De gepatenteerde EvaBreeze ™ filter voorkomt de groei van bacteriën en schimmels

CFK vrij

Verdampingskoeling is een natuurlijke vorm van airconditioning. Dit betekent dat de apparaten van Evapolar géén schadelijke en milieuonvriendelijke stoffen bevatten, zoals freon. De koelers van Evapolar zijn daarom uitermate geschikt voor gebruik op de kinderkamer en voor jouw huisdieren.

Bio-resistent (anorganisch) materiaal

Anders dan cellulose (karton) en andere ‘organische’ materialen, zijn EvaBreeze™ filters gemaakt van anorganische Nano-vezels, welke bestaan uit glas vezels en basalt. Dit voorkomt de groei van bacteriën en schimmels. Klik hier om het Evapolar patent te bekijken (opent in nieuw venster)

Milieuvriendelijk en biologisch afbreekbaar

EvaBreeze ™ filters zijn gemaakt van natuurlijk voorkomende mineralen en zijn daarom 100% biologisch afbreekbaar.

Technical specifications

Coverage Up to 4 m²
Power Consumption 12 W
Cooling effect 100 W – 400 W / 340-1360 BTU/hour
Noise level 25-40 dB
Dimensions 184 x 207 x 217 (HxBxD)
Weight (dry) 1820 g
Water tank size 1300 ml
Water tank refill Every 6-8 hours
Cartridge life Up to 6 months at 6-8 hours daily use*
Colours Opague White
Coal Black
Dark Grey
Energy efficiency 21-37
Plug type EU
USB USB Type C (5V, 2.5А)
Wi-FI 2.4GHz

* Poor water quality and / or a very dusty environment can reduce cartridge life.

What’s in the box?

Evapolar versus andere producten?

Bekijk de vergelijking hier

The evaSMART Air Cooler provides a comfortable and healthy personal climate zone, is environmentally and climate friendly and very affordable to buy and operate.



The patented EvaBreeze evaporation technology is based
on a unique nano material used in the filter.
The material is inorganic, eliminating the growth of bacteria and fungi.