Interested in becoming an evapolar reseller?

BWS Distribution is rapidly expanding our evapolar reseller network in the Nordics, The Netherlands and Belgium.

Customer segments

The products appeal to a very wide range of customer segments who all enjoy a safe and cool sea-breeze like microclimate:
Consumers: family households (bedrooms), student dorms,
Camping: extra cooling unit in caravans and as portable unit in tents
Clinics: hair salons, beauty parlors, dentists, medical clinics, massage and yoga studios.
Offices & Shops: desktop cooling for office workers and work-place cooling for shop workers
Nursing homes and hospital kiosks: providing relief for the old and sick
Hotels and Restaurants: Cooling for staff working at the front desk, in the bar, in the lobby.
NGOs: Portable cooling for field staff, e.g. the UN and other relief organizations

Reseller profiles

As the products appeal to many customer segments, within BtB and BtC, a wide range of reseller profiles are relevant:

General electronics retailer / e-tailer
White goods retailer
HVAC-retailer / supplier
Office supply retailer / chain
Camping/outdoor retailer / e-tailer
Specialized supplier to hotels, restaurants, clinics, hair salons, organizations.

At BWS we offer competitive pricing, a collection of great marketing assets and 48-hour delivery from our warehouse east of Copenhagen, Denmark. We may also offer drop shipment directly to your customers.

Beware of unsafe, useless copies!

The photo shows evaLIGHT with the patented bacteria-free evaBREEZE™ cartridge to the right and the useless and unsafe “AirBreeze” AKA “Arctic Cooler” to the left.

The product copy has a cardboard filter which will add nutrients to naturally occuring bacteria and fungi from the water and the air. Also, the cardboard will start to desintegrate after first use, so any cooling effect will be absent.

It takes time, money and research to make safe, CE-certified products. Like Evapolar products that give safe cooling for the elderly, the sick, children – all of us.